Our cold cuts
(salami, bacon, local raw ham, salted meat, etc.)

Lard with polenta

Pan brioches with lard and honey

Culatello nostrano

Speck with pineapple carpaccio

Carpaccio of Scottona with walnuts and parmesan cheese

Roselline of beef bresaola with soft heart

Salted beef meat with rocket and olive oil

Home made beef with small salad of orange and fennel

Scottona tartare with valerian and bagoss flakes

Spelt salad with mint honey and flakes of mature alpine cheese

Pork loin with violet carrot julienne and pecorino cheese flakes

Vegetable pie

Zucchini soufflé with velvety potato soup

Pumpkin soufflè with parmesan cream sauce

Puff pastry basket with artichokes

Grilled snails

Snails becon (supplement € 1,00 per person)

Vegetables in tempura

Sweet and sour vegetables

Tomatoes in oil with herbs

Fresh ricotta cheese


Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Risotto with porcini mushrooms whipped with bagoss

Risotto with porcini mushrooms whipped with taleggio cheese cream

Risotto with Franciacorta Brut

Risotto with scamorza cheese and Franciacorta Brut

Lime flavored risotto with Franciacorta Brut

Pumpkin cream risotto with mountain cheese and parmesan ice cream

Risotto with Franciacorta Rosè cheese whipped with robiola bresciana cheese

Risotto with Franciacorta Satèn, asparagus and pine nuts, mascarpone cheese sauce

Risotto whipped with Castellaccio di Franciacorta and Curtefranca red restriction

Saffron risotto whipped with bagoss

Red cabbage risotto with apple pulp and pomegranate

Risotto with radicchio trevisano and taleggio cheese

Risotto with radicchio and trevisano cheese whipped with mascarpone cheese

Pear and gorgonzola risotto with liquorice powder

Risotto with trevisano radicchio and hazelnuts

Asparagus risotto

Artichokes risotto with bagoss cream sauce


Meat ravioli with malga butter and grana cheese

Casoncelli alla bresciana with butter and crispy bacon

Pumpkin ravioli with butter cream

Guinea fowl ravioli stuffed with truffle cream

Purple potato ravioli with saffron cream sauce

Gorgonzola and walnuts ravioli

Ravioli with braised beef

Ravioli with bagoss and malga butter cream

Ravioli with pears and taleggio cheese

Stuffed Pastas

Fagottini with asparagus and cream cheese sauce

Artichoke dumplings with cream cheese sauce

Ham dumplings with cream cheese sauce

Mushrooms dumplings with cheese sauce

Fagottini with radicchio trevisano and cheese sauce

Crespelle with mushrooms

Crespelle with asparagus

Crespelle with ham

Crespelle with artichokes

Lasagnetta with meat

Fresh Pastas

Tagliolini with porcini mushrooms

Tagliolini with saffron, gorgonzola cream and walnuts

Tagliatelle with wild boar ragout

Pappardelle with venison ragout

Pappardelle with duck meat sauce and porcini mushrooms

Tagliatelle with donkey ragout

Mccheroncini / tagliatelle with rabbit ragout

Tagliolini/Maccheroncini with robiola cheese cream and pistachio grains

Torchietti with pumpkin cream and crispy bresaola

Tagliatelle al fatto with guinea fowl ragout

Whole wheat flour tagliatelle with bresaola and almond flakes

Tagliolini with cream of pumpkin and speck with pistachio grains

Torchietti /tagliolini with saffron and zucchini

Torchietti /tagliolini with zucchini, porcini and saffron

Tagliolini with blueberries, wild mushrooms and bagos flakes

Maccheroncini with speck and artichokes

Mezzi Paccheri with artichokes and fresh ham


Potato gnocchi with speck and taleggio cheese

Potato gnocchi with diced smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes and pecorino cheese flakes

Potato gnocchi with cream of mushroom soup

Second courses

(each second course includes side dishes combined according to your preferences and the season)

Grilled chicken, ribs and salami

Grilled skewers of assorted meats

Sliced Scottona with rocket salad

Fillet of Scottona with three peppers

Sliced beef with mushroom trifle (suppl. € 2,00)

Sliced horse with grana cheese flakes

Rabbit stew with porcini mushrooms and polenta

Rabbit Brescia style with polenta

Braised beef in red wine with polenta

Braised horse in red wine with polenta

Beef in oil with polenta

Donkey stew with polenta

Beef chunks with Franciacorta wine and polenta

Veal stew with mushrooms and polenta

Wild boar stew with polenta

Venison stew with polenta

Roast of veal in the oven

Roast veal with mushrooms

Roast veal with citrus fruits

Roasted stuffed rabbit in the oven

Guinea fowl roulade stuffed in the oven

Roasted chicken stuffed in the oven

Honey and orange pork ham

Loin rolls with ham and bacon

Pork tenderloin in red wine sauce

Pork tenderloin in Franciacorta wine sauce

Pork tenderloin with porcini mushrooms

Pork tenderloin in cognac sauce

English style roast beef

Roast-beef of beef with Chardonnay restriction

Veal with tuna sauce


The TAKE-AWAY service is active Pick up at the Cascina

Take away from Wednesday to Sunday from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

Reservations must be made with 24 hours notice.

The dishes will be picked up at Agriturismo Cascina Carretto
in Via Costa 60, Erbusco (BS)

(Directions on Google Map)


- 12.30 pm for lunch

- 20.00 pm for dinner

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